Intimate Teenager (1973) - Phim 21+ ÂU MỸ

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Intimate Teenager (1973) - Phim 21+ ÂU MỸ
[Phim 18+ / Phim ÂU MỸ]
The 1970s was a glorious period for the B-flicks ‘Reports series’ in German cinema. You had the whole Schoolgirl Report series as well as Der Tanzstunden flooding the erotic sensibilities of all who enjoyed that particular expression of eros. You can catch up on these flicks here. Schlusselloch-Report is no different and fits well into this era. Here you have a peephole view into German erotica. Literally. After all, who doesn’t love a bit of voyeurism. Most have at some point indulged themselves in some degree of voyeuristic pleasure.Schlüsselloch-Report delves into an ensemble of stories, all centred around this theme, while often giving the viewer a Point of View through a keyhole into the worlds of an assortment of nubile women as they go through varied stages of undress.The principle behind the POV that we are offered is purportedly based on the concept that people will indulge in a wide range of behaviors and sexual debauchery so long as they don’t know they’re being watched.Unfortunately for them, they are being watched. By us!

Intimate Teenager (1973) - Phim 21+ ÂU MỸ

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